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Punk Rock Princess by darlingjib Punk Rock Princess :icondarlingjib:darlingjib 0 7 at.the.rave by darlingjib at.the.rave :icondarlingjib:darlingjib 0 7 Blood Red Sky by darlingjib Blood Red Sky :icondarlingjib:darlingjib 2 23
Moments in Ye ol' English
"perchance you see the moon?"
"aye, tis but a glimer"
"not here, here clouds envelope it but for whims. i see it in its full though, and aye, it be fullest to its beauty"
"glorious this night, as nights past?"
"i wouldn't say as nights past. for i have not taken in all the nights and all the moons from the begining of time, but tonight seems to strike a chord in me"
"ah, but whom has? these nights are the only in which we have."
"which is well, for the weariness of life would be too large of a chain to drag, even if it would be to see nights like these for eternity"
"nay, nights as these dimmer to those spent in thy warm embrace"
"for if i would have to spend eternity to thy's warm embrace, and thy spend in mine, i feel as if eternity would pass as sand courses through my fingers"
"but as eternity, the sand would be never ceasing."
"and that truly, would be monumental"
"aye. it would."
*rests head on shoulder* "my eyes grow weary with these passing of seconds. stop time my dear, for if
:icondarlingjib:darlingjib 0 3
lost in defeat
am i surprised i can hear my heart breaking
surprised you left me here shaking
distant and alone
no one to take me home
feelings just don't go away
but i hope mine aren't here to stay
left in this empty cold hotel room
this day filled with gloom
with you i felt whole, complete
now i'm alone, lost in defeat
:icondarlingjib:darlingjib 0 4
Title Pending-prologue
It feels like it's changed.  Everything, that is.  Or maybe its always been like this and i'm just now waking up from this dream I call a nightmare.
It's all these little things, these notions, that all of a sudden seem to be surfacing in my mind - in my heart.  None of it makes sense, and yet, at the same time - makes all the sense in the world.  So how do I explain this then?  How do I make anyone else, especially you, understand what this is and how it feels to me?
Distance, yeah, that's a good place to start.  You have too much of it hanging about you, and while i want you to keep it, i want you to let me in that space of yours.  See, maybe that's a problem...that "yours" and "mine" thing.  Do we have anything that's "ours"?  It's hard to tell.  And yes, there's more.  That...thing...that instant...that moment when i expect you to remember something - and you don't. 
:icondarlingjib:darlingjib 0 1
A Day at The Fair - DATF by darlingjib A Day at The Fair - DATF :icondarlingjib:darlingjib 0 2 devotion by darlingjib devotion :icondarlingjib:darlingjib 0 5
Abra and Cal
they don't understand me
then again you didn't always either
you looked at me like i was a puzzle
i suppose i was a bit to you
i didn't even understand why i was the way i was
it took me finding the other half of my roots
that other half to know who i really was
when i found myself
it helped me to find you
didn't it?
i'm sorry i kissed you like that
i know you were with my brother
but that didn't make it feel any less right
i couldn't tell you that i meant nothing to me
it meant everything
i didn't mean to be bad
so very bad
but that's who i was
it's who i am
all i wanted was to be loved
to know i was loved
you loved me
you love me
i didn't mean to drive him away
i didn't mean to make him hurt
it was an accident
but it all turned out right
i have you
you have me
and i know
yes, i know
i'm loved
at last
:icondarlingjib:darlingjib 0 4
fading away by darlingjib fading away :icondarlingjib:darlingjib 0 2 laughing life away by darlingjib laughing life away :icondarlingjib:darlingjib 0 6 fading memories by darlingjib fading memories :icondarlingjib:darlingjib 0 4
Ich denke..
Ich denke ich liebe Dich.
Liebst Du mich?
Ich denke, Du könntest.
Ich wünsche Dich nahe meinem Herzen.
Ich wünsche Dich für immer dort.
Ohne ein Wort.
Bleib bei mir.
Liebst Du mich?
Ich denke ich liebe Dich.
:icondarlingjib:darlingjib 1 14
what am i to you?
can you tell me...what it is you think of me?  what it is you think of us?
i know, there is no us, but there's something.  what is it to you?
am i no more than a body in this life.  a ragdoll plaything for you to use?
am i something more. something you want to have, to keep, to care for?
to some a friend, to others a nameless face in the crowd.
what will you have me be?
i once asked what you wanted to be in my life.
you told me it didn't work that way, that i had to make my own choice.
i've made mine. plain and simple, even if you aren't.
now i ask you.  what am i in your life?  not what i want to be.
:icondarlingjib:darlingjib 1 11
hungry? by darlingjib hungry? :icondarlingjib:darlingjib 0 21 A Little Bit Of Me To You by darlingjib A Little Bit Of Me To You :icondarlingjib:darlingjib 0 21

Random Favourites

Fresh by aquapell Fresh :iconaquapell:aquapell 5 96
Bathtub Psychiatrist
I sit there
Feeling my feet tingle from the water rushing like a waterfall
I watch it rise around and envelop me
Soothing, warm, and whispering in each murmur, "Let me help"
I release myself to its sensual touch
and let it take my day away
I run soapy fingers through my hair
to get rid of the frustration it held all day
I soap myself up and smell the scent of it
Cucumber melon renders me helpless
I have succombed to the bathtub psychiatrist
I run the razor over my legs
getting the shame and guilt off of me
I massage my face with my Clearasil
maybe it should be called Clearasoul
It gets all the tears and anger out of me
And leaves me looking like no harm done
Finally, I'm ready to leave
Almost, not just yet
I slide back into the clear
And let it massage my every being
I feel better already
All the bad i wash away
Now its dirty
from all the baggage i picked up
to end that day for good
I pull the plug
and if i need a reminder
of what is yet to come
I smell the cucumber melon on me
to rend
:iconitybit:itybit 5 9
Die Vergangenheit
should I keep quiet
and forget all that has been
forget all you've told me..
erase what you're ashamed of?
should I lie
and say that it's all been a dream
say the rehearsed lines before me..
recount your fabrications?
should I remember
a time that we were happy together
times when we spent the day alive in each other's words
breathing deep this tainted love?
you can't remember the past
if it never existed...
:iconhollowtears:hollowtears 2 17
Far Away and Not Wanting to Be
I'm sorry that I can't be there with you
I'm sorry because I don't know what to do
I wish that I could take away all your pain
I wish that I was the blood in your veins
I wish that I was your escape
I wish that I didn't complicate
I wish that all you problems would just fade away
and that you might be with me some day
I'm sorry I can't say that things will be okay
I wish that I was there
I would help you out
I would be by your side
and remove your doubt
just give me some time
and I'll heal all your wounds
tears in your eyes
makes me want to die
no more crying for you
I wish that you were happy
I wish that you could be happy with me
:icontheboythatneverwas:TheBoyThatNeverWas 1 12
Evangelist - Lying on the fur by evangelist Evangelist - Lying on the fur :iconevangelist:evangelist 1 10 Rock and Roll by aquapell Rock and Roll :iconaquapell:aquapell 254 276
Battle Scars and Broken Hearts
They say that all wounds heal in time
and in time these might heal to
but at the moment they burn uncontrolably
with the river of salt streaming from my eyes
convulsing on the floor
lying there helpless
the wounds start to bleed
a crimson river flows from them
these wounds were made by you
you cut deep
to the bone
driving the knife
until it hit home
I am worthless you said
the world would be better off with me dead
I know that's true now
thanks to you pal
but I'm going to stay alive
at least one person loves me
and I love them too
so I say 'forget you'
my wounds will eventually turn to scars
but someone will nurse me back to health
I've made it this far
even though everyone else given up on me
she hasn't left my side
hopefully she'll be there for all of time...
:icontheboythatneverwas:TheBoyThatNeverWas 3 7
An Angel's Game
I stand here before you
No perfection to be found
Just a broken reflection
And a familiar sound.
These are my insides,
My desires, my dreams.
These are my wishes
Left under your sheets.
This halo's on backwards-
These wings fit too tight;
No golden reception
Awaits me tonight.
My words come out awkward
And tumble down to the floor.
If only they'd stop you
From closing the door.
A broken mirror
Hanging crooked on the wall-
Exactly like me,
Just waiting to fall.
So pardon this relfection
Falling upon tired eyes...
This angel's too broken
To keep up the disguise.
:iconhollowtears:hollowtears 2 15
My Hearts Stance by yachtclub My Hearts Stance :iconyachtclub:yachtclub 14 49 Wasting Words by hollowtears Wasting Words :iconhollowtears:hollowtears 1 10


February 15th by aquapell February 15th :iconaquapell:aquapell 117 27 Happy Anniversary by aquapell Happy Anniversary :iconaquapell:aquapell 122 65 Rosebud by aquapell Rosebud :iconaquapell:aquapell 84 14 I Will Love You Always by aquapell I Will Love You Always :iconaquapell:aquapell 74 28 Summer Bloom by aquapell Summer Bloom :iconaquapell:aquapell 65 31 Clematis by aquapell Clematis :iconaquapell:aquapell 71 14 Roses In Mist by aquapell Roses In Mist :iconaquapell:aquapell 58 18 Gone Away by aquapell Gone Away :iconaquapell:aquapell 1,620 469



jess (like madonna or oprah)
United States
Current Residence: defiance~oh~usa~
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Favourite cartoon character: Rogue~Remy LeBeau aka Gambit~
Personal Quote: what is your favourite color?
my absence has been long, but it was needed.
i'm not entirely sure how long i will remain here.
my grandfather's death was harder on me than i thought.
definitely harder than anyone really knew.
and then we had alot of problems afterward.
there was a bad storm, took away our power for a few days.
then we had furnace problems and the like.
nothing's really went smoothly, and i just haven't felt like i've had time for dA.
thanks to those who still messaged me, and for all of you that i haven't viewed your deviations....i'm honestly working on it, but there are alot of them, and i don't believe i'll be able to get to all of them.

"Kaylee, find that kid who's takin' a dirt-nap with baby Jesus. We need a hood ornament. Jayne, try not to steal too much of their shit."
-bloopers on "Serenity"

"dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today" James Dean

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